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Life Cycle Resource Efficiency

We adopted five Design For Re-use waste prevention strategies when developing our computers:

  • Design for minimised production waste
  • Design for lifetime extension/reuse (DfLE)
  • Design for repair and upgradability/Design for refurbishment
  • Design for disassembly (DfD) and
  • Design for collection

And we set ourselves these goals:

  • achieve a decrease of at least 30% in greenhouse gas emissions compared to normal laptop production
  • achieve at least 70% of overall re-use and recycling of waste while producing the laptop
  • achieve a reduction of at least 75% of fresh water utilisation compared to normal laptop production.

Extensive scientific testing has been carried out by research partners on both iameco models.  The Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Limerick evaluated the iameco v3 for Energy Star 5 compliance. The Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin carried out a streamlined Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) and then Tricom, a specialist computer reuse enterprise in Berlin carried out a Disassembly evaluation. Both the Fraunhofer and Tricom reports were integrated into a final Eco Design report prepared by the University of Limerick.

Both the iameco v3 and the D4R laptop boast energy efficiency that meets the toughest European benchmarks, The iameco v3 desktop, for example, is 45% more energy efficient that the average laptop. For this and other reasons it has been awarded the European Eco-Label.

Global Warming Potential in both models is comparatively low, mainly due to the carbon positive nature of the wooden housing. The D4R laptop, for example, has been estimated to embody 61% less CO2 emissions than an equivalent laptop computer. This is good news for the environment.

Perhaps the most significant recent development has been iameco’s work with the ZeroWIN project, a European project aimed at “Zero Waste in Industrial Networks”.  As part of that project we have been organizing sources of supply for reusable and recycled components and also destinations for iameco components when they reach end of life.  Achieving a zero waste production process requires a paradigm shift in how companies plan and manage their sourcing, distribution and production. The new iameco D4R laptop is proof that it is possible with a little ingenuity to significantly reduce the environmental impact for electronic equipment production.

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