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D4R Technical Specifications

D4R technical specifications

The D4R laptop isn’t just environmentally sustainable – it’s also a high performance machine with great processors, memory and hard disk specifications that will meet your most demanding computing requirements. iameco D4R laptpopAt every step we have made design choices to reduce energy consumption and increase the ability to re-use, replace and recycle components.  For example, the solid state hard drive means no moving parts, no heat dissipation problem and really low noise levels.  The design of our universal motherboard makes it easy to plug in and plug out new or replacement components.  And our lithium Li-on batteries have great energy consumption characteristics.

  • Intel Processors: Intel Core Duo i3, i5 and i7 Processors
  • Universal Motherboard: Genuine full ATX/BTX Intel chipset motherboard, uses Sandy Bridge 1155 sockets
  • LCD Display: 15.6″ thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) screen. Also able to integrate smaller screen sizes.
  • Solid State Hard Drive: High performance Sata II Solid State (SSD) hard rive, 400GB or larger
  • DDR3 RAM: 2+ GB Dual Channel DDR3 30nm RAM
  • DVD Read/Write: Dual Layer DVD ReWriter
  • Graphics: 256 MB PCI Express high-end graphics card
  • Battery: Lithium (Li-ion) long life batteries with lifecycle of over 900 charges
  • USB ports: 4 in total – one USB3 port and three USB2 ports
  • WiFi
  • Web Camera
  • HDMI
  • Operating System: Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating system

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