Paul Maher

Managing Director
Paul Maher co-founded Micropro Computers in 1991, having a background in the electronics industry camellia flowers around. Paul is responsible for both the technical architecture and the unique design of the casing. This includes the innovative wooden casing for the iameco v3 and the D4R latop, as well as the design of the rear aluminium casing and its patented heat dissipation design.

Anne Galligan


Anne Galligan co-founded Micropro Computers in 1991 and has coordinated the company’s participation in European research projects. Anne helped drive the company’s focus on sustainability, coordinating the company’s contribution to European projects like HEATSUN. Anne has also coordinated key standards certifications including the EU Eco Label certification and the ISO 14001:2004 environmental management certification.


José Ospina

Development Consultant

José Ospina (MA Arch) joined Micropro in 2003. He managed participation in Project HEATSUN, a European project aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling IT waste. Since 2006 he has helped develop the iameco® range of computers. In addition to the development of the iameco computers, the project aims to develop zero waste industrial networks for manufacturing (ZeroWIN) and a tool for Life Cycle Assessment for SME’s (LCA to GO).